Embark on an exciting and dangerous journey

Gore TV is venturing into the captivating realm of live streaming, bringing the dark and enthralling world of horror directly to your screens. As a master storyteller and architect of the macabre, Gore TV invites you on a journey through the shadows, where each live session promises a dive into the heart of terror. Join us, engage, and become part of the narrative as we unravel the chilling tales that await. The stage is set, the camera is rolling, and the eerie adventure begins. Are you ready to be part of this thrilling escapade with Gore TV?

THe Casket Crew

The Casket Crew is the official community of Gore TV where camaraderie and competition meet. Here, every member brings something unique to the table, crafting an ever-evolving tapestry of gaming excellence.

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35 years Gaming

The seasoned gamer carries a wealth of experience, their strategic prowess honed over countless battles and adventures. With each move, they weave a rich history of gaming culture, embodying a deep appreciation for the art and complexity of digital worlds

Live Everywhere

Gore TV is live from 15 spooky spots, mixing horror with hilarity for a scream of a good time! Buckle up for a wild ride through each haunted locale, where laughs lurk behind every shadow. Ready for an epic adventure with a spooky twist?

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Got questions, ideas, or just want to chat about the latest in gaming? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line here, and let’s connect over our shared passion for the digital universe. Whether it’s feedback, collaboration ideas, or just a gaming tip, your insights are always welcome!

💪 Casket Crew Games: Helldivers 2, Satisfactory and Valheim
👊 Live Q&A PC Build coming to Rumble.com/GoreTV Soon
🔴 Streams start at 10pm Central